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Fees are as stated.


  •  $10  per experienced dog. 

  • $20 per puppy and/or green dog.  (the higher cost reflects the additional time needed to instruct owners on building a foundation with puppies and/or brand-new dogs. It is up to our instructors’ discretion which category your puppy/dog belongs in) 


  • $20 per dog

All non-members incur a $10 Field Use Fee. 



  •      Remember that only one dog and their handler is allowed on the field at a time during formal training sessions, unles otherwise directed by

  •            the Trainer. All other dogs should be crated near their car, and all people should remain off the field.

  •      Limit other dogs' presence to crates at personal vehicles (parking lot).

  •      Please be sure your crates hold your dogs safely and securely. 

  •      Relieve your dog in the pasture area before going on to the training field.

The safety of all handlers and dogs is our primary concern. 

Dogs should be under their handler's control at ALL times, either through

Elite-Level Obedience or a leash. 

                  Do NOT bring your dog close to, or interact with another dog, unless it's formally part of a training session and you are instructed to do so by the Trainer.




 TRAINING FIELD, directions, maps, photos:   


  •      The training field is a pasture, It is mostly dirt, wild grasses, and weeds. 

  •      Training takes place rain or shine. It can be very hot in summer, and cold in winter.

  •      The field is slippery when wet. 

  •      It is generally quite breezy. Bring layers of clothing. 

  •      Some sun and rain protection available for the benches and chairs

  •      There are ground squirrel holes. We appreciate any help keeping them filled. 

  •      Limited lighting available during evening training. 

  •      Port-a-potty available. 


  •      There is no shade for vehicles.  Protect your dogs from heat related illnesses.

  •      There is no water available on the site. Bring water for your dogs.

  •      Ask before approaching or touching other dogs.

  •      Vaccinate for rabies.  Leptospirosis, Bordetella, and rattlesnack vaccinations should be discussed with your veterinarian. .

  •      Consider what vaccines puppies should have when going out and away from home before you bring them to the field.

  •      Please crate your dog at or in your vehicle. This is safer for the dog and your vehicle interior.


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