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To visit our field on Laughlin Rd,  Livermore, CA
From either direction on Interstate 580:
     Exit Vasco Road  and proceed N, or towards Brentwood
     Turn right Northfront Rd  (1st light)   Continue 8/10  mile. 
     Turn left onto Laughlin Rd.    Continue approx 900 ft.  
     Turn right onto gravel driveway with chain link gate. 
          Look for our blue sign. 
     Enter through gate, securing it after you. 
          Continue along gravel road to the training field on the left.  

      Look for another blue sign.

 The 972, Laughlin Rd gate is unlocked on training and flying days. 

The ACSC training field gate is only open on training days. 

Please close the road gate after yourself.

The landlord requires us to do so. 

 The speed limit is 10 mph. Please tires throw rocks and make a dust cloud. Please be aware of the danger to livestock, dogs and people. 

ACSCK9 gate.jpg
ACSC gate sign proof.png
training Field

Interactive Map

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