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ACSC welcomes guests at all times. We do not limit the amount of training sessions a person may have as a guest.

Membership is held in high regard for those who have shown a long time commitment (at least 1 year with ACSC) to the time and effort involved in training and participating in the sport, and participating in the maintenance associated with a healthy club environment.

Membership applications are accepted once a year in January.

  • Each application will be considered based on the qualifications listed above. Is the commitment to training consistent?

  • Is the handler intending to participate in the sport?

  • Is the handler a positive presence within the club atmosphere?

  • Is there effort made to help maintain the club?

  • Each application will be voted on with new members being announced by the end of January.

Our training order is determined on a first come, first served basis, on 3 separate lists. 
If you have an occasional scheduling conflict, please ask a director to find someone to switch with you. 
The lists are followed in this order: 
       1.  Obedience    (not determined by membership, allowing an opportunity to leave before protection)
       2.  Members      (protection)
       3.  Guests           (non-member protection)

Being a Member Has 2 Benefits to You
     First you are waived the Field Maintenance Fee.          

     Second, is a slot on the Member list. 

Successful applicants have the following qualities:

  • Value and keep our standards intact

  • Are safety conscious, helpful, and interact respectfully

  • Showing commitment to ACSC by regularly participating in training

  • By putting in time helping to keep our field and equipment in working condition. 

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