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Official USCA equipment requirements can be found in PDF format on the USCA site:



Suggested Training Equipment:

Novices Do not need to buy equipment before coming out to the field. Generally, we have extra equipment you can borrow. ACSC suggests deciding if this sport is right for you, and your dog, before you go to any great expense. 
           Leash -   Often seen on the field between 4 & 6 feet long,  any material.  Leather is common and less rope burns occur.
                     Chain or choke collar -  Made of metal with links, and 2 larger "O" rings.  Should fit comfortably, without too much slack.  Ideally,  for 
                               training it should fit high on the neck, just under the ears.  Fur Saver style collars (wide link metal chain collars) are required 
                               for trials, and must be loose fitting.  Fur Saver styles are also fine for training. 
                     Prong or pinch collars - Made of metal, with prongs linked together. Often in martingale style, it catches the skin between the  
                              prongs and pinches it. These are common when more direct communication with the dog is required for correction and control.  
                              It should fit high on the neck just below the ears.    
                     Electric collars - Administers a vibration or variable shock to the dogs skin.  Used with a remote control, this communicates to a dog 
                              at some distance from the handler.  Should fit  high on the neck, just below the ears. 
    Schutzhund / Protection /  Bite Training -
            Traffic lead, also called a Tab - usually made of leather, will have a clasp.  Can be either looped, like a handle, or a single strand.  Usually 
                     8-12" long.  It should be short enough to keep from tangling in the dogs legs or catching in the dog's toes.  
            Harness, also called an agitation harness - Usually leather, often with a padded chest plate.  Maybe buckled, or the quick release type 
                    with buckles and clasps.  
             Collars (as above) - Fur-Saver required for trials.  Made of metal with large somewhat rectangular links.  Should fit loosely.  
                     Prong or pinch collars are common when more direct communication with the dog is required for correction and control.  
                     Electric collars are also seen on the training field.  

             Collar - As above. Fur Saver style in trial 
             Tracking Line / Leash - at least 10 meters in trial.
             Harnesses allowed with some restrictions, see USCA Rule Book link above. 

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