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For USCA inquiries call:  (650) 597-ACSC  (2272) 

Alameda County Schutzhund Club

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About ACSC

The Alameda County Schutzhund Club is dedicated to protecting and preserving the German Shepherd Dog’s (and other breeds) working heritage through Schutzhund (German for "protection dog”) training.  Schutzhund (now called IGP)  is a sport that focuses on developing and evaluating those  traits in dogs that make them more useful and happier companions to their owners.


ACSC values a sense of purpose, family and of course the safety, health, and happiness of our dogs.


Through training we feel a closer bond, better  communication,  and  improved control.  Confidence and consistency are increased in both human and dog.  


We value good people and having fun too!  


Our primary purpose is to train all dogs and handler/owner teams to trial in the sport of IGP.


All training philosophies will be based on this sport, and our expectation is that all who train with us will work towards participating in IGP and titling their dogs in the sport.


     Board Members: 
          Tom Hall
          Richard Sheppard
          Christopher Campbell
          Stephanie Muzsek

Our Helper
Our Helper



Christopher has been handling and training dogs since 2003. Initially he trained in New England before moving to Northern California in 2012.


He has trained with  Menlo Park Schutzhund Club,  Hells Kitchen Schutzhund Club, and currently Alameda County Schutzhund Club.


Christopher has competed in numerous United Schutzhund Clubs of America club trials with not only his personal dogs but also clients dogs.

At the 2017 USCA Working Dog Championship, Christopher placed 2nd, also recieving awards for High in Obedience, HOT Champion, and High Scoring First Time Handler with Sirkus v. Donau-Ries 

At the 2018 AWDF Championship, Christopher placed 7th with Sirkus v. Donau-Ries which made him second alternate for Team USA at the 2018 FCI IPO World Championship held in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy.

At the 2019 USCA GSD Nationals, Christopher placed 1st with Sirkus v. Donau-Ries.


Alameda County Schutzhund Club

Dog Training Club

972 Laughlin Road 

Livermore, CA

For general inquiries email us at:


For USCA inquiries call : (650) 597-ACSC (2272)

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