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alameda county schutzhund club

alameda county schutzhund club

alameda county schutzhund club

alameda county schutzhund club

alameda county schutzhund club

alameda county schutzhund club



ACSC has a different philosophy about membership than the usual IPO training club.

    Some clubs severely limit the number of visits you can have, and then require dues.

    Some clubs require you to pay dues, and additional fees each time you train.


We just don't run that way.  


We believe the training of dogs has to be user friendly and affordable. Feedback has demonstrated to us that people appreciate being able to pay as they go, and appreciate being able to drop in as they like.


Board members are kept to the minimum required to keep the club going administratively. Although administrative topics are voted on by the board, the day to day operations are fluid and adjust to the situation as needed.  We welcome input and ideas from anyone. This allows us to keep fees to just the helper cost, and a small portion for field/administrative costs.  We consider anyone not a member, to be a guest.   Our activities and social gatherings are open to everyone.


Our training order is determined on a first come, first served basis, on 3 separate lists.

If you have an occasional scheduling conflict, please ask a director to find someone to switch with you.

The lists are followed in this order:

      1.  Obedience   (not determined by membership, allowing an opportunity to leave before protection)

      2.  Members      (protection)

      3.  Guests          (non-member protection)


Being a Member Has 2 Benefits to You

First you are waived the Field Maintenance Fee.           Second, is a slot on the Member list.


         Successful applicants have the following qualities:

                Value and keep our standards intact

                 Are safety concious, helpful, and interact respectfully

                 Show committment to ACSC by regularly participating in training, and by putting in time helping to keep

                        our field and equipment in working condition.


Single ACSC Membership $250

Couple ACSC Membership $300


See a Board Member, or email for Membership applications. Applicant information is reviewed and voted on during  a board meeting, usually once a year. Our memberships begin in July to coincide with our USCA dues. New memberships are pro-rated.